A chance for RMCS authors to list the comics they voted 10 on and (if they so choose) explain why.

  • Death Goat
    • Buzz and Beak by Nat - I just love the thought that Milkman Dan got Karen to believe in some random piece of misinformation that (from what the comic hints) could cause grievous physical and emotional scarring, and he just so nonchalantly lets her know how badly he tricked her. Milkman Dan at his most evil, and his expression fits the dialogue perfectly. The best of the "Dan torments Karen" meme, in my opinion.
    • the guns n' roses circus sideshow by Vitamin X - While I didn't necessarily agree with all of VX's "terrorist" tactics, I thought this comic was particularly inspired. The members of the RMCS have gotten into rather heated arguments over this, that, and the other thing over the years, and this comic (to me) works brilliantly as both a meta-skewering of RMCS users and a stand-alone Earl comic.
    • Bringing pufferfish to the potluck by Dave Hemming - It's not a joke about retarded people, it's a joke about paranoia. The idea that Earl's paranoia caused him to seriously injure a mentally handicapped person is just the sort of sick and twisted humor that's perfect for Red Meat.
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