Red Meat has very few taboos, given the nature of the strip. The original Red Meat has strips covering scatology, underage drinking, and physical deformity, there isn't too much that's held sacred. Still, there are things that will usually cause your comic to do poorly.

  1. Milkman Dan is a sociopath, not a pedophile. He enjoys torturing Karen, usually psychologically, but not sexually.
  2. Spelling and grammar. This is a sore point for some voters, and if your strip has errors in spelling or grammar, expect points to be deducted. Some people tend to get upset over British vs. American English: colo(u)r, labo(u)r, the jury is/are deciding, in (the) hospital, etc.
  3. Meta. Having the characters aware that they are in a strip or commenting on current situations within the RMCS is generally not conducive to a high scoring strip.
  4. No attribution. Using a joke from another source without recognizing where the idea is from (usually in the tagline) is considered very bad form.
  5. Self-promotion. Using a comic to advertise your favorite site, even if it includes a joke, is not appreciated.
  6. Earl, the Lonesome Cowboy and the Dead Clown work alone.

These rules are not hard and fast, and they can be broken successfully. But a review of the thirty worst-scored comics may give you a better idea of what usually doesn't work.

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