Running jokes and serialized jokes generally do poorly. At one time, Ratboy had a story arc in the members' section, but all that is left of it is one strip.Occasionally, authors will riff off eachother, changing the closing panelto alter the joke. Contests also spring up from time to time to try posting comics of a certain style. Some voters feel very negatively about this and as a result most of them tank and are deleted. Other than actions that fall within the characters generally accepted personality (described in Characters), running jokes are relegated to the Open, except for a couple: I hate you, Milkman Dan(305 comics) and The Pantless Avenger.

Examples of Open Running Jokes

[ Wally working at an auto parts desk]

Justice's Ted and William strips

td's neocon Spuderman

What the Phuck

eeyore's Ken monologues

Dave is in Jail Which actually has its own website., and an author that thinks the wiki is his own personal journal. It isn't.

Masked Ted and Ken at a gay club Written by four different guys, has its own Yahoo Club.

you must eject cream

These examples may show why running jokes generally keep to the open.

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