I don't have a lot of time for the RMCS these days, but if your idea is useful and clever enough I might consider adding it. -Soren 17:35, 10 February 2006 (EST)

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Some ideas:

  • I've asked for this before. You've politely listened to my arguments, disagreed with them, and decided this wasn't a good idea. But since this is under a section called "Wishful Thinking," I figured I'd ask again: Would you please allow votes cast for deleted comics to count towards the voting statistics? Pretty please? With sugar on top? Pretending those votes were never cast causes needless z-score deflation; a 4 or a 5, rather than being the mild "Eh, didn't care for it" it ought to be, becomes a stern slap in the face. Creating a comic positive-scoring comic becomes arbitrarily harder, making comic creation less fun and more frustrating than it ought to be. I honestly think this is part of the reason the site isn't as active as it once was; the top-30 for the past two weeks rarely manages to get 30 comics any more!
  • Since history tells me the above suggestion will be politely ignored, could I please ask that you do away with the "Your z-score must be at least this high to ride" requirement? It's just not compatible with the zero-sum philosophy the current voting scheme represents; it makes the site dependent upon having a large-number of low-scoring comics from inactive authors in order for the active ones to do anything.
  • I think the "Fans" criteria is too hard to satisfy. I'd be curious to see, for instance, the top 5 voters who give any given author the most love rather than just those that cross an arbitrary threhold; I'd be similarly interested in any given voter's top five authors, regardless of whether they meet a particular number.
  • I'd also like a link from an voter's info page to a list of the strips they've voted 10 on. I'm curious to know what other individuals think represents the absolute best of the best.
  • Finally, when clicking column headers, is there any way to get it to sort on JUST the date you're looking at? If I'm looking at a list of Preloggy's comics and I click "Score," that means I'd like to see which of HIS comics scored best, not get taken to the master list.

-Pete B 17:50, 02 May 2006 (EST)

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